information and exhibition center

Information & Exhibition center

The  new Information & Exhibition center of PJSC Pigment was opened on May 16, 2019.

It is not the first  museum  of the company.  To  be  careful about history, veterans, and corporate traditions always was  a bonne tradition of Pigment  team. In May 1982, the Museum of Labor Glory of the enterprise was opened  as a gift for the professional holyday  Day of the Chemist. Almost forty years later, the management of the company had   presented the labor team , as well as all residents of Tambov and guests of the region, with a new modern exhibition space for the professional holiday.


The new Information & Exhibition center is  beyond the usual idea of a factory museum.

The  Information and Exhibition Center of PJSC Pigment is:

  • a corporate museum that stores the history of the enterprise;
  • an exhibition hall  is a marketing center;
  • the zone of official meeting with the  partners, suppliers and consumers of PJSC Pigment,
  • adaptation center of PJSC Pigment, broadcasting corporate culture and aimed at adaptation of personnel, increasing the prestige of the professions of PJSC Pigment.

  • a vocational guidance center based on an innovative format of classes for children and young people with full immersion in the basics of chemistry, engineering in production reality;
  • positioning zone of the company  for  the  residents and guests of the city and region as well as for local authorities.

Our Information and Exhibition Center is the Grand Prix  winner of the All-Russian Tourist Prize "Route of the Year"  2019 in the nomination "Best Route to Operating Production".

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